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Rachel  - Apprentice Instructor
Years of experience: 10

Expertise:  Firearm Instruction, Range Safety, Shooting Fundamentals

Emily Banks   -  Master Instructor, Owner
Years of experience: 27

Expertise: Specialized Firearm Instruction, Master 

RSO,  Course Director, Pistol, Rifle

Jenifer - Apprentice Instructor
Years of experience: 12

Expertise: Range Safety, Firearm Selection, Shooting Fundamentals

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best firearms training in a safe, comfortable environment.  To build the confidence, knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for handling firearms safely, properly and well.  We provide the individualized attention per student to accomplish your training goals and a clear understanding of the course curriculum. 

About the Instructor - Em

Emily has been a successful firearms instructor for 10+ years with the firearms industry experience to boot.  She has a strong passion for teaching the art of pistol and the shooting sports industry in general.   Her accreditations, certifications, and experience include:

  • NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol, Rifle
  • NRA Certified Master Range Safety Officer
  • Certified GLOCK Armor
  • Advanced Pistol Fundamentals Instructor
  • Defensive Pistol Fundamentals Instructor
  • Youth Firearms Instructor
  • 11+ Years Firearms Instruction Experience 
  • 2,700+ Satisfied & Sharp Shooting Students
  • 27+ Years Firearm Handling Experience
  • 4+ Years Metallic Reloading Experience
Andrew - Apprentice Instructor
Years of experience: 30

Expertise: Range Safety Officer, Firearm Selection, Metallic Reloading, Master Fabricator, leather work. 

We strive to provide the highest quality firearms instruction producing safe, consistent, and skillful shooters. By the end of the class day we ensure that each student will come away from class with confidence, knowledge, and a smile.  Nothing says empowerment & confidence like a lady with a pistol who knows how to use it - and well.  Join us in class, we guarantee you'll have a great time, develop an expansive knowledge base & also some serious shooting skills.  

About Us

Our Vision

Carol  - Senior Instructor
Years of experience: 2

Expertise: Range Safety Officer, shooting fundamentals, Carol came to us with severe PTSD related to firearms. She has overcome her fears & is highly relatable to those students with fears coming into class.

Our Experience 

Lock and Load Em has been providing quality firearm training in the South Sound for 11+ years.  We have the instructional experience to provide our fabulous students with the utmost respect and highest-quality training.  We provide 30-40 demo firearms and the hands-on training & range time needed to build confidence & safety.

Our Staff

Joel (Dad) - Senior Instructor
Years of experience: 57+

Expertise: Ammunition, Metallic Reloading, Range Safety Officer